Who am I?

I am a follower of Christ, a mother to my sweet girl, and a wife to an amazing man. I am known for wearing my heart on my sleeve and I am still learning to embrace that. I am a passionate  lady who emotionally attaches to the stories of others. I love full heartedly. I am a vulnerable being whom has found what gives her meaning.

I am Sharrisa Marie.

My Purpose.

Tell me of the place that you feel most alive. Where is your soul attached to? Mine is water in any form. It makes me feel rejuvenated and free of worry. It is where I am most open with God. My purpose of this is to show you how just a simple natural element of the world can impact your emotions. Every moment of everyday has an emotion tied into it one way or another. My purpose is to expose that emotion.

I want you to see what I feel.

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