Shannon perfectly and poetically expresses her Legacy of Love.

She gives of herself freely, a piece of her soul to the child growing in her womb knowing that her world will forever be changed.  A sacrifice of love through pain and fear to bring forth the very picture of love she had envisioned.  Never to be matched this Legacy of Love, she boldly goes forth amongst the unsurety of the world to teach this piece of her soul what love really means.  Holding him so tight to know that she will always be there. 

She teaches him the value of honesty and trust by her unfailing support in every choice of his life. She teaches that piece of her soul to learn perseverance, when at the lowest times she reaches for his hand to walk thru the pain together with hearts held high.  She creates this Legacy of Love by the whisper of pride in her eyes, when she glances toward that little piece of her soul and knows the strength he holds. 

She gives of herself freely a piece of her soul as the child that grew in her womb goes forth to create his own Legacy of Love.  She prays that her son is now strong enough to give freely and his legacy is as wonderful and fulfilling as the one she was given.

- Shannon

Shannon is one of those amazing Women whom my soul has a connection too. Her enthusiasm about the arts and the ability to love unconditionally is something I can definitely relate too. 


 As soon as Shannon shared her Legacy of Love with me, I knew exactly where we had to go. My vision for her story all started with incorporating this lighthouse. Each lighthouse has the strength to persevere any storm, they guide those in need to safety, they bring hope to those looking. To me, a lighthouse was the perfect symbol of love. They hold all qualities a parent must have. All qualities needed to love unconditionally. And if I am being completely honest, lighthouses are just so romantic and majestic to me.  As said by yours truly- "Oh Child, you are my favorite love story."

I am so thankful I have had the opportunity to share a piece of Shannon's heart and to get to know her beautiful soul. 

I respect your privacy.

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