September 3, 2016


    We finally closed on our house and we have moved in with relatives whom have generously opened their home to us during our transition of finding a new home. I have never really had to share space since I was out of college (besides with my husband and daughter of course). So this was going to be a challenge for me and I knew that. Our relatives were so gracious and gave our Daughter their baby’s room to sleep in since their daughter sleeps in their room right now. We have 90% of our belongings in storage and the rest fitting in a room that is the size of our old closet (call me spoiled- it’s okay). Lets sum this up. So four adults, two children, five dogs, one kitty all in a 1,000 sqft home. Oh and one bathroom. If I am being completely real with you, I began to hyperventilate when we were trying to unpack and organize our new space..  Claustrophobia had definitely set in and I just needed a few days out to recoup and re-approach the entire thing.


I am always drawn to water, in any form really. It makes me feel rejuvenated and free of worry. It is where I am most open with Christ which I so desperately needed after the move. Receiving these moments through my camera of the kids playing in my favorite element just made my heart so invigorated yet still at the same time… 







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