{We made it}

November 4, 2016

A long 6 hours later and we finally made it to my husbands hometown Kaneohe, Hawaii. I would be lying if I told you I had not a single worry being stuck on a plane for that long with a little human being who cant sit still for 5 minutes... BUT she truly did amazing. I was absolutely shocked and yet completely thankful I ate my words of how terrible it was going to be. After we arrived of course it started raining because that is what us "Washingtonians" do, we bring it along with us.. Always. We decided to not let us damper our time and we played on the bed breaking all our rules. Jumping, running, and throwing ourselves around. How else could we possibly reward the little one with such and amazing airplane ride?! It finally cleared up and we got to go out and meet the pups and greet my daughters grandparents as they arrived home. As most little ones, she was unsure of her grandma at first as it had been almost a year since her last visit. My daughter's nerves were quickly taken care of by tickles and giggles. We finished our first evening with friends and family sitting around the BBQ and sharing stories and catching up. 


{We made it}






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