{She loved it so much- she finished ours too.}

November 7, 2016

Nothing goes better with sunshine/warm weather then ice cold treats. Our Daughter had her first shave ice from Matsumoto's and absolutely fell in love with that whole idea. Hand over hand she went until she finished what she could before it melted. Amazingly, she was not too much of a sticky mess! Only a few drops made it down to her toes! 






        On our trip we also found a new favorite spot, the Poi Factory which is much closer to home. We had heard about the dessert here and wanted to give it a try. The name it has been given is “The Sweet Lady of Waiahole.” It is as amazing as it sounds! It consists of haupia ice cream and fresh kulolo. Unsure of what our Daughter would think, we got two to share between the three of us. Who were we kidding?! She was so possessive of the bowl I was not even allowed to take a picture! She had that devoured so fast we could hardly blink. As you can then imagine, she had to have ours as well. And you know what? We let her. Sometimes it’s worth breaking the rules and having ice cream as a meal. It gives us just as much satisfaction watching her enjoying every bite.















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