{Adventures we will always remember.}

November 10, 2016

             This trip we wanted to do things a little different and make a couple "firsts" happen as a family together. I really wanted to catch another sunrise so I asked one of our good friends to take us up a hike to watch the sun come up. Well let me just tell you.. I was so not prepared! When our dear friend said "oh its a 20 minute hike not bad", I heard "Oh ya, wearing flip flops and wearing a nice dress with leggings will be totally fine." HA! I don't know why in the world I expected it to not be up hill off the beaten path I mean, come on Sharrisa?! Anyways, our wonderful daughter decided she was not about to step foot on the ground so we all took turns carrying her up this "20 minute" red mud, slippery, jungle path. Right?! Stinker. I wish I could have had my camera out to capture our journey up but 40 minutes later, we arrived at the top and it all made the wait completely worth it. It was beautiful. Our daughter, naturally, wanted put down the moment we arrived and was ready to explore the bunker and the man hole to get down into it. She would scream “Hello? Hello!” Playing along, our friend jumped down the front side of the bunker and crawled in to come up through the man hole replying to her Hello’s. She was pretty intrigued with the voice but not too sure about him popping out of the hole! It was starting to get pretty warm, so we took a couple more selfies and made our way down.  





                Our daughter has this crazy obsession with birds. All we say is “look, bird!” and she is off. With wild chickens and other birds EVERYWHERE on Oahu, we were chasing our daughter from one place to the next. A friend of ours told us about a botanical garden that you can feed ducks so we had to go. It was a safe area where she could be herself and we could watch her dream come true! She was so shocked at how many birds were around she really didn’t know how to act, it was pretty cute actually. She got the hang of feeding the ducks and other little birds pretty quick. We noticed a ton of fish in the pond so of course they must get some food too. The simple task of tossing bread to fish and birds made our daughters day. It made our day.


{Adventures we will always remember.}












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