{My "Big Girl."}

February 24, 2017

Our Daughter's favorite thing to do at the park is swing. Her favorite part is when she is in the little swing and I give her an "underdog" push. I wish you could hear the giggles that come out of her sweet little mouth! This girl has no fear and the higher you can push her, the louder the laughter! While she slows down from her major high pushes, we will swing along with her until she slows down enough. Usually at that point, she will ask to get out and want to go on the "big swing". To see her little body attempt to swing by herself is enough to make tears fall. She is growing so fast and literally before my eyes. Sometimes its just a little too much for this Mama and I persuade her to swing tandem with me. I am so thankful to share my lap and enjoy her laughter while doing something we thoroughuly enjoy! 





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