{Sunny and 60 degrees in WA.}

March 21, 2017

Winter in WA is enough to drive you insane when it comes to the non stop rain and cloudy skies. So when the sun decides to come out and play {no matter what the degrees} we get out and enjoy it. We just moved into our new home in a little neighborhood filled with ice cream trucks. I was hoping to get away with my little one not knowing what this little truck was all about at least for a while. Well... Big cousin had other plans! We let the kids be kids and enjoy a little treat on the porch before heading out to a nearby beach for some fun. Crazy right?! Ya, it was windy and freezing. We lasted about 20 minutes. But the Kids had fun throwing rocks into the water and digging in the sand. We headed back home for some simple family time while the kiddos turned our Daughter's room into a jungle gym. How God has graced us with this beautiful day. 






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