August 18, 2017

Let me just start off by saying I seem to always forget to pick up my camera when I go to the zoo!! I get so caught up watching the animals and interacting with the kiddos that usually by the half way mark I remember "Hey, I brought my camera!". But thats an important piece to remember when photographing, enjoy the time in front of you and sometimes that means letting the camera down. 


Anyways.... So we got to visit the Oklahoma City zoo! They have so many animals that my little one had never seen before. Unfortunately, do to the above explanation, I did not get any photographs of the unique animals to this zoo but we sure enjoyed them. My Daughters favorite animal still is the Elephant and she could have stood at their exhibit alllll day. She also really loved the birds. She wanted to have one land on her SO bad until that time came near and she about shook out of her skin. She was also mesmerized by the flamingos! Birds that are pink? She was seriously in heaven. 


 We all had fun seeing all the animals and watching the kiddos run and explore together. 



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