December 26, 2017

We were one of those crazy families who decided to brave the crowds of Disneyland the week from Christmas to New Years. My advice to anyone who goes during holiday times, pay the extra and stay on site. It was COMPLETELY worth it. You get in early to beat the lines and you get out before it gets crazy only to return as most other families are heading out for dinner/rest. The only regret I have is I was HORRIBLE at documenting our trip. Either the amount of people made me anxious enough to put my camera down OR I was just having too much fun and didn't want to ruin the moment living behind my camera. The girls had a complete BLAST. Our Daughter asks every week when we will be going back to Disneyland. She has accepted the answer "When you turn Four", so that's what we are sticking with. To be completely honest, I think I am having more withdrawals then she is.





























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